Tour Washington, D.C.

Private Historian’s Tour of the Capitol

- Beyond the public’s standard tour, your unique experience will be guided by a Capitol historian. They have spent years studying and observing the Congress and its activities, the Presidents who have come and gone, and the workings of the most successful democratic society in human history.

A Private Tour of the Monuments & Memorials

– Private Tour to include the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln, FDR, Vietnam Veterans, Korean War, WWII, Iwo Jima, Washington Monument and more. This tour can also be a Private Illuminated Night Tour.

The Supreme Court

- The Supreme Court is the highest tribunal in the nation for all cases and controversies arising under the Constitution or the laws of the United States. The Court stands as the final arbiter of the law and guardian of constitutional liberties. Its charge, emblazoned over the doors of this building, is to ensure “equal justice under law.”

The Library of Congress

- The Library of Congress occupies three buildings on Capitol Hill. The Thomas Jefferson Building (1897) is the original separate Library of Congress building. (The Library began in 1800 inside the U.S. Capitol.) The John Adams Building was built in 1938 and the James Madison Memorial Building was completed in 1981.

The International Spy Museum – Private Tour with the Executive Director of the Museum. The Director had a 36-year CIA career including more than 20 years in the Agency’s Clandestine Service. A member of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service, he was awarded the Agency’s Intelligence Medal of Merit for “superior performance” throughout his career.

The National Archives

- The Rotunda of the National Archives Building in downtown Washington DC, contains the permanent exhibit of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. A new exhibit called the Public Vaults displays over 1,000 fascinating records (originals or reproductions) from the National Archives holdings.