See Washington DC on the land and water with this most unusual tour. Traveling in original WWII DUKW amphibious vehicles, this 90 minute tour will take you through the city of Washington DC before splashing down into the Potomac River for the most unique ride and tour of your vacation.  This isn’t just a tour…it’s an experience. Sit back and relax as the tour captain turns back the pages of history.

Seeing Washington is one thing. Viewing it from the Potomac River is quite another. DC Ducks is Washington’s only thrill ride.

The DC Ducks return to land at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport’s approach pattern. Hold your ears as incoming aircraft pass over just feet from where you’re sitting…giving new meaning to sitting duck!

The Ducks are fully restored, U.S. Coast Guard approved vessels. They guarantee a safe and fun time that will delight every member of your party.

Ducks come from DUKW, a military acronym that designated the vehicle as amphibious military personnel carriers. D stands for the year it was designated, 1942; U for its amphibious nature’ K for its all-wheel drive; and W for its dual rear axles.

DUKW’s were created following the attack on Pearl Harbor as means to transport supplies from ships to areas that did not have port facilities. DUKW’s were first used operationally during the invasion of Sicily. Nearly 90% of all supplies came in by DUKW’s on the vital second and third days of the invasion. D-Day brought a force of 2000 DUKW’s to the Normandy coasts. The fleet was an essential element in the strategic surprise of the enemy which assumed the Allies needed a port to make an effective landing. DUKW’s are standard 2 ½ ton GM trucks in a water-tight shell with an added propeller.

Considered to be one of the most successful amphibious vehicles ever made, there are ultimately over 21,000 produced by a work force, consisting mainly of women working in the war effort. After the war, the Army left many of the craft in the towns and villages where they had operated, so the DUKW’s can still be found in different countries and around the world.

*Tours depart once an hour – on the hour. Reservations are not accepted and all seating is on a first-come, first served basis. We advise you to arrive early in the day as this popular tour often sells out by noon. Tour is subject to change without notice due to weather conditions. DC Ducks guests must report to the Union Station ticket desk in the front lobby. Parking is available at Union Station.